Advances in modern anesthesia have made veterinary surgery safer than it has ever been. The doctors and staff at Pedernales Veterinary Center carefully evaluate each patient to determine the best anesthetic protocol for that animal’s individual needs. To ensure that your pet can adequately handle anesthesia, we offer full in-house laboratory testing prior to each procedure. Additionally, a thorough exam is completed immediately before the animal is anesthetized.

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Monitoring and support are equally important factors of veterinary anesthesia. We utilize state-of-the art monitoring equipment including ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, capnometry, temperature regulation, oxygen measurement and agent gas detection capabilities. Intravenous fluid therapy is encouraged on all surgical patients as a way of maintaining normal blood pressure and protecting organ function.

Pain Management

Our doctors pride themselves on preventing and effectively managing pain. Unlike some hospitals, pain management is not optional at Pedernales Veterinary Center. We combine the most gentle handling, with expert monitoring, and superlative pain control to deliver the best anesthesia care possible for your pet.

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