IMG_0732Pedernales Veterinary Center offers state of the art, digital radiology. Digital radiography has revolutionized veterinary medicine, and for good reason. Here are just a few benefits of obtaining images using this technology.

Images processed in seconds
With traditional X-rays, after an exposure was made, the film had to be processed with a series of chemicals in order to view the image. This procedure was messy and took time. Often the process had to be repeated multiple times due to poor animal positioning or inappropriate exposure settings. With digital films, the image is available in seconds, and minor adjustments can be made to the image without having to repeat the shot. This helps to minimize the stress on the animal and reduce your wait time.

Image quality far exceeds that of film
Digital radiography improves patient care by improving radiographic quality. Digital technology produces a much clearer, more detailed image, and reduces the number of poor-quality radiographs due to exposure errors. Additionally, darkroom and processing artifacts are eliminated.

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Our unit is wireless and completely portable. This permits us to obtain images under a variety of different circumstances.

Digital imaging allows us to share our radiographs with Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologists within seconds. This remote collaboration with experts in the field, known as telemedicine, brings an additional level of care to all concerned and can be a great aid in the accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of your pet.